Friday, November 30, 2012

Sam and Cat- Officially A Series

On twitter everyone has been tweeting about how the pilot of Sam & Cat was successful and they are going to make it into a full series. We are super excited! Sam & Cat is going to be great, and we can't wait to see more of Cat Valentine after Victorious.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ariana and Liz Making A New Question Video

Just over an hour ago, Ariana tweeted that she is making another question video with Liz Gilles. Ariana posted a cute picture of her and Liz, using a cool effect on their webcam. A couple of days ago, they posted a video of them answering questions they prepared earlier, this time they are answering questions asked by fans!

We will post the video as soon as we can... probably monday :)

Ariana Possibly Recording a Duet with Mika

According to arianarares, Ariana has recorded a duet with Mika a few months ago. On Ariana's she said that she didn't know about it yet but it is likely. What do you think? 
Do you think Ariana is going to record it or it is just a rumor?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ariana Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is less than a month away, and Ariana is really getting into the christmas spirit.
Ariana tweeted that they have started decorating their house for christmas and she tweeted about how she wants her Grandparents to cook for her for christmas.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liz and Ariana: The Question Game

Not long ago, Ariana posted a video of her and Liz playing The Question Game. They posted the video on Ariana's Youtube page osnapitzari, and it has been viewed heaps of times. Check it out below!

Arianas Online Merchandise Store - Updated

Not long ago, the merchandise section of Arianas official website was closed down while they updated/renovated it. The online store is finally back and it has some gorgeous new merchandise like a phone case, hoodie and beach ball.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ariana Starts Snow White Rehearsals

Today, Ariaan tweeted that she had her first rehearsal for her role in 'A Snow White Christmas'. Ariana said she had a great time, we cannot wait for the play to come out! We are sure it'll be a big hit!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ariana Grande Fan Video!!

Hey Arianators! My good friend Shelly, just posted this amazing fan video for Ariana Grande. It's a video that shows heaps of tweets from many arianators saying why we love Ariana! You guys should definitely check it out below and make sure you give it a thumbs up! We are going to tweet the video to Ariana heaps, so hopefully she will see it!
Here it is!

If want to you can follow Me and Shelly on Twitter!
Please help us by retweeting our video tweets and tweeting the video to Ariana!
Thanks So Much!

Ariana Attending The Jingle Ball!

Just a few minutes ago, on Ariana's, she answered a question about the 3rd of December. Ariana has said that she's excited about it, and she said it's because they are doing a really fun recording session, and also because she is going to be attending the Jingle Ball (she thinks she might be presenting).

Ariana Broke Her Wrist 3 Times!

Just a few minutes ago, Ariana answered a question on her Ariana said that she broke her wrist 3 times and someone asked how. Ariana said that the first time she broke it while she was watching a hockey game, second time was when she tried to use a pogo stick and she also dislocated it when she fell off the monkey bars when she was little.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ariana's Back In LA!

Yesterday, Ariana caught a flight back home to LA. She tweeted that she can't wait to get back to the studio and work on her album once she arrives. Ari said that when she was packing, she watched all the Freaky Forever episodes, that she made a LONG time ago.

3.6 Million Twitter Followers!

Yesterday, Ariana reached 3,600,000 followers on Twitter! Ariana tweeted thanking all her fans and followers for all the support, we are super happy for Ariana and are sure that soon she will reach 3.7 Million!

Cell Block (New Victorious Episode)

Less than an hour ago, a new Victorious episode aired in the US. The new episode is called Cell Block, and on twitter fans are saying it's their favorite episode yet and that they really liked it! Ariana tweeted that she breaks character during the episode (she starts laughing) but they kept it in anyway. You can watch the promo below-

#DinnerWithAriana Photos

As you probably know, Ariana held a competition on Twitter where the winners got to attend a dinner with her. The winners took a lot of pictures from the night, here they are...


New Victorious Music Video! Heres To Us

The recently released the music video to the new Victorious song, Heres To Us. The song is sung by Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas, the music videos features Ariana, Liz, Avan, Matt and even Ariana's friend Alexa. The video shows clips and behind the scenes videos from the upcoming episode One Thousand Berry Balls

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Heyy Everyone! As you may not know, yesterday, Ariana made an account on A website where people ask her questions and she answers and publishes them. Ariana had answered over a hundred questions already and she tweeted that she really likes the website. We read all her answers and thought we'd show you guys some of our favourites!
(You can check out Arianas full profile here)



All I Want For Christmas Is You Cover

Yesterday, Ariana posted a video of her singing All I Want For Christmas Is You at the LA Annual Tree Lighting a few weeks ago. Ariana sings with the gospel choir behind her singing with her, and they all sound amazing! Check out the video below, it sounds soo good!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ariana and Liz on Zach Sang Live Chat (17-11-2012)

We didn't find this out till now, but Ariana and Liz Gilles were on a live chat with Zach Sang a few days ago. Surprising Ariana didn't tweet about it, so we didn't realize it was on. In the live chat, they do a few prank calls to Avan, Jennette and Dan Schnieder, they also did a lot of talking. The video goes for almost an hour so it takes a long time to watch (we just watched a bit) but it is really good to watch! Here it is-

Ariana On The Radio With Zach Sang

Just a few hours ago, Ariana was on Zach Sang's radio show. She was interviewed, answered questions and gave advice. Unfortunately we didn't get to listen to it so we don't know everything she said, but we are sure it was a great interview. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ariana Sings- I Believe In You And Me by Whitney Houston

Ariana just posted a video on Youtube of her singing I Believe In You And Me by Whitney Houston, and believe me, she sounds absolutely amazing! This is defiantly my favorite cover by Ariana, she sounds soo amazing in this and her voice has improved soo much over time! Everyone has to listen to this! It's purely perfect!

What Do You Think Of The Cover? free polls 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ariana at The Sharpie Hello (1D Superfans) Event

Today Ariana attended the Sharpie Hello event. Ariana walked the red carpet and wore a gorgeous white dress with black spots and gorgeous black shoes with long white socks. After the event Ariana tweeted that she had an amazing day and she thanks Sharpie for having her. 

Ariana also tweeted that when she walks the red carpet she is terrified and uncomfortable, it's funny because we think she looks absolutely amazing and super comfortable!

Sharpie 1D Super Fans

Tomorrow, Ariana is going to be attending the One Direction- Super Fans event, sponsored by Sharpie. They are going to welcome the band to there US tour and have invited many 1D fans through a huge competition. We will probably post some pictures after the event, we are sure Ariana will look gorgeous!

#DinnerWithAriana Winners!

Hey Everyone! As you probably know, Ariana held a second #DinnerWithAriana competition on Friday and she has announced the winners. The winners are...
Congratulations to the winners! We hope they have an amazing time at the dinner!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Brown Hair & Phoenix Meet and Greet & New York

Hey everyone! Ariana did a lot of stuff today, she posted an absolutely gorgeous picture of her with her newly dyed brown hair. Ariana dyed her hair brown for her upcoming production, A Snow White Christmas. In the picture, the lighting isn't amazing so you can't see too much of a difference in her hair but it looks amazing anyway!

Today, Ariana also held her Meet and Greet event in Phoenix, she said she loved meeting her fans. We will probably post some pictures and videos as soon as we can find some.

 Ariana is now catching a flight to New York, stay tuned for the updates on what Arianas doing over the next few days. xo

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ariana Dying Her Hair Brown

Not long ago, Ariana tweeted that she has started getting her hair dyed back to it's natural brown, she took Colleen and Jennette with her to keep her company. Ariana posted a Keek of her getting her hair dyed and her hairdressers talking about how they are dying it (green & bleach), here it is-

#DinnerWithAriana in New York!

Attention Arianators in New York!
Just over an hour ago, Ariana started a twitter competition for her fans. The winners get to attend a dinner with her in New York, this is the second competition like this Ariana has had, the first one was in LA a few months ago. To win this competition, all you need to do is get people to nominate you (you can also do it yourself) on twitter by tweeting "#DinnerWithAriana i nominate [insert username here]"

Phoenix Meet and Greet

Ariana recently tweeted that she is going I have a Meet and Greet in Phoenix tommorrow, at the arrowhead town centre, here are the details-

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Arizona Meet and Greet & Brunette Ariana

 Today, Ariana tweeted that she is going to be dying her hair back to her natural brown in less than a week. Ariana hasn't had brown hair since she was 15 and she's super excited about it!

Today (also), Ariana tweeted that she is going to be doing a Meet and Greet in Arizona, at the Arrowhead Towne centre, Glendale on Sunday, November 18 from 2-5pm. 


Hey Everyone! We are super excited because, as you may know, Ariana had a live chat yesterday where she released the full versions of Voodoo Love and Daydreamin'. Someone just uploaded them onto Youtube, and i seriously recommend listening to them, especially Voodoo Love, it is amazing!~

~Voodoo Love~


Colleen's Tree Lighting Video

Hey Everyone! We just found a video on youtube that Arianas best friend Colleen posted. The video is of Colleen with Frankie and Ariana, then it shows the soundcheck at the tree lighting and then it shows Ariana performing and the official tree lighting. It also shows a bit of Ariana meeting her fans, so.... here it is!

Ariana's Live Chat with Colleen

Hey Everyone! If you don't already know, Ariana just a live chat with her best friend Colleen just around an hour ago. We only got to watch the end but from what we saw, Ariana played the whole of Voodoo Love and they danced and sang along to it. They also did a dare, and did some shoutouts and talking. They said they are going to have another live chat this week (probably Thursday), and we are super excited to (hopefully) watch it (all) next time.

Goodbye for now <3 (i have no idea why 'm saying goodbye.. i don't usually say it but goodbye, i'll probs post tomorrow <3)

Ariana at the Twilight Premiere

tumblr_mdev9o2MCK1rrfqyuo1_250.pngToday, Ariana went to the premiere of Twilight- Breaking Dawn Part 2 (the final movie), she tweeted that she got to host the Red Carpet - On Air With Ryan. Ariana wore a gorgeouswhite, pink and yellow dress, with gorgeous green earrings and her hair in a ponytail. Here is what Ari posted-

Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow White Fashion Shoot

Hey Everyone! Today Ariana attended a photo shoot for the upcoming show she is performing in, A Snow White Christmas. Ariana posted a picture of her in the photo shoot and one of the script for the show. In the shoot, Ariana is wearing a gorgeous yellow and red fairy tale style dress with puffy selves and a front tie. 

More Videos & Pics from Tree Lighting

So, as you know, Ariana performed at the LA Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, and today she posted some pictures and a video (on keek) from the soundcheck on the day. They're pretty good so we thought we'd share them with you, here they are~