Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dinner With Ke$ha

Two days ago, Ariana and her brother Frankie had dinner with Ke$ha, a few tweets were made about it, including Ke$ha saying that Ariana Grande "is flipping her s*** over a cookie in the gape of a butterfly" and Ariana replied, by saying "i cant take it, its too cute". We <3 Ariana

Arianas Twitter Hacked By Matt Bennett

Last week Arianas twitter account was "#Hacked" by her VICtoriOUS co-star Matt Bennett (Robbie) he wrote many compliments about him self, including, how cool he is.

Put Your Hearts Up So Far

So, as you know Ariana Grande has released many pictures of her music video 'Put Your Hearts Up' we cannot wait for it to be out soon, so we just thought we would show you what she has posted to far.

Put Your Hearts Up Multiple Covers

A while back (December 3) Ariana grande tweeted a picture of the four possible 'Put Your Hearts Up' Album covers, Which one would you pick? We think Ariana picked the best one.

Arianas Favourite Bathing Suit

Ariana Grande Tweeted a picture of her in a bathing suit on the set of a Nick promo from a while back. She said the bathing is her favorite and that her Mom loves the pic.

New Look Amazing Ariana Grande

As you would have noticed, we have changed the AAG background to a big collage of pictures of Amazing Ariana Grande. We hope you like the new look. And remember, please tell your friends and other Arianators about this blog.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Did You Know

During November last year, iCarly star Jeanette Murdy accidentally gave away Ariana Grandes old phone number. During one of Jeanette's live chats she called up Ariana Grande to see I she wanted to join and it went to voicemail where Ariana gave out her number . Ariana and her Brother Frankie answered around 100 calls and receivers around 6,000 texts before she changed her number.

Broadway S Africa

Ariana tweeted that her brother took a trip to S Africa to work with the charity "Broadway S Africa". Ariana shared a YouTube video of some kids living in S Africa singing none other than Arianas song "Put Your Hearts Up". she said when she watched it, it "Melted Her Heart"

Put Your Hearts Up Photo

Ariana Grande has posted another picture on twitter from her "Put Your Hearts Up" music video that is to be releases soon

We are super excited to see the video and we are sure it will be amazing (well, it has Amazing Ariana Grande in it doesn't it?)

So, Everybody Remember to Put Your Hearts Up!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Competition Part 2

Attention all Arianators, Ariana tweeted that she will be giving out the details to part 2 of her twitter contest sometime this week. Hopefully it will have a similar prize to the last one.

Victorious Season 3

The hit show Victorious, has released its 3rd season. It is also proving to be very very popular, the episodes are being sold on iTunes and are being tweeted about by the cast and crew of the show. On iTunes the episode "The Breakfast Bunch" is really popular and is on its way to number 1.


Ariana Grande has posted many tweets talking about her new songs, giving hints and even running competitions. Ariana posted that whoever could guess the name of her new song would receive a call from herself (who would not want that?). Anyway so, the name was guessed and some lucky Arianator got a call from The Amazing Ariana Grande. The Name of the song is (Drum Roll) Pink Champange. We Cannot Wait!.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Attention Arianators

We all work very hard here at amazingarianagrande.com and we would to ask you to please spread the word about this blog, we would love it if you could post the link on your Facebook, Twitter or Myspaces, mayvbe even email the link to your friends. Thanks so much, we would love it if Ariana read this blog.
Thanks Sooo Much Arianators,

Ariana Grande Teen.com

During early December Teen.com posted an interview with Ariana Grande on Youtube, she talks alot about her style of music, and her inspiration. This video makes us adore Arina Grande even more.

Ariana also was interviewed by 'The Clique Click- Teen.com"

Honeymoon Avenue

During one of Arianas performances she sang for the first time a song called Honeymoon Avenue that will be featured on her upcoming album. She first sang it on Decemebr 28th at Irving Plaza then she sang it in Hershey Park on New Years Eve. The album is to be released during 2012, we cannot wait.

Ariana Grande and Liz Gilles - Chestnuts

On the 23rd of December Ariana put a video on her Youtube channel of her and her bestfriend/Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gilles singing a Christmas Song.The Vidoe is titled ""Chetsnuts" Merry Christmas! Love, Ari and Liz"

Ariana Grande Shares Her NewYears Resoloutions

Ariana shared her New Years Resoloutions to M Magazine, she said she wants to spend more time with her family and friends and less time working during 2012. Ariana also talks about her New Years traditions and how she will be celebrating it differntly now that she is famous. Ariana has an amazingly succesful year and we are sure things will just get better.